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Rihanna Do Ya Thing

Пока трудолюбивые люди вымучивают перевод и снимают клип на песню Рианы Do Ya Thing, мы разместим здесь текст песни и немного отдохнём.

Текст песни Рианы Do Ya Thing

And you my lover
But I love you like a brother
Baby don't want at the end of the day
You are who you are
And I love it that way
Lasting love, if you know the difference
You had a little game on ya
Caught up in your feelings
We together like...

You know that i'mma do whatever i'm not gon leave
This kind of love don't come easy
We don't care

You the s–t
Baby you the bomb
Middle of the Day
Give Me What I want
It feels so special
It feels so good
And he ain’t going no where even if he could
I got that ow ow
You know what I’m talking about out
Make a nigg scream and shout, shout
Every time the lights go out
We out out out

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