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Rihanna Roc Me Out

Пока готовится видеоклип и перевод песни Рианы Roc Me Out про капитализацию, вы пока сможете почитать здесь её текст, а после этого принять горячую ванну с солью Мёртвого моря.

Текст песни Рианы Roc Me Out

So give it to me like I want it
This is for ya, Eyes on it
Roc me out, back and forth
Roc me out, on the floor

Give it to me like I need it
You know how to make me feel it
Roc me out, more and more
Roc me out, on the floor

Come over boy, I'm so ready
You’re taking too long to get my head on the ground
And my feet in the clouds, oh oh

I'm so clean feeling so dirty
Come right now, you better hurry
Boy you miss out, and I'll finish it off

I’ve been a bad girl, daddy
Won't you come get me?

Keep it off from me, you can do it
Put your hands on me, watch me lose it

Boy blew it out, like it's the only way out

I'll show my dirty secrets
We'll hush up boy don't just speak it
Whatever we do, it's between me and you

It's gonna different tonight
The best time in your life
I just want you to know, baby
Take a peek at the girl
I'll let you win on a dirty secret
I just wanna be loved

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